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How To Anticipate

All of nature is motivated by competition to succeed, and those who do the best job of anticipation
reap the greatest rewards: survival, and a life of quality. - Roxana Muise
The what is here
The Why is here

now, the How!

1. Keep a journal/diary/record of your life.
you will be making some very normal and routine observations, but this knowledge of the normal will make the unique, the unusual stand out.
when things don't happen the way they were supposed to, that is the time you have to be prepared to react.
that is anticipation.

e.g. if you normally, get your paycheck/salary by the 7th of each month, would you be alarmed if you did not get it by the 7th next month? I thought so.

2. Create lead-in measures for activities that are important.
this lets you anticipate is little sooner than everyone else.

lets continue the example above.
everyone would notice if they did not get their salary by the 7th.
but what if you could make create some lead-in measures for this activity.
for a salary to be computed, someone has to collate the absenteeism/over-time/time-spent on projects etc?  now, if you knew that this activity is normally completed in your office by the 3rd of each month and that this month, it was not performed at all, wouldn't you be in a better place to anticipate that the salary may not reach by 7th?
I thought so.

3. Look for macro-trends/knowledge
even if someone made the calculations on the 3rd, there could still be no salary. why? coz the company is going bankrupt or maybe a big client just went bankrupt. whatever the reason, the big picture will help you know better and faster.

read the news.
attend trade shows.
network to keep abreast of what is happening.

4. make prediction a habit or a game
Choose anyone, but start predicting.
predict the revenue of your company, your unit or try to predict the number of pieces that would be rejected.
when you make prediction a habit, you force yourself to look at the past, the current trends and synthesize it into knowledge.
Its like a muscle.
The more you use it, the better/stronger it gets.

5. The 'What would I do' approach
I personally think this one works really well in predicting the behavior of other humans around me.
Most of what gets you angry, frustrated and happy for that matter, gets the others feeling that too!
So, if you are feeling edgy coz your annual appraisal is due, so is your boss!

6. The Law
There are laws all around us.  you break them, you pay. its as simple as that.
this really isn't anticipation, its purely a survival trick.
If you know what the consequence is, don't hope or pray it wont happen to you, anticipate it!

7. Learn from Others
there is so much that is repetitive in each of our existence.  yes, our life, our feelings and our relationships are unique, but most of what you are feeling or will has been out there for a while now.
Learn from people before you.  Coaching is one way.  Getting a mentor is another.

There you have it.
The How to anticipate.

According to a research, 4 month old babies can anticipate the path of a ball.
You already have the skill, you use it unconsciously everyday.
Now sharpen it to make it a skill.
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