What To Do Before Any Interview & How to answer ' Why Do You Think This Is The Best Place For You'

You have to understand that the interviewer is not there to reject you but to select you.
he/she wants to know that you will do the job well and are a good fit for the team.

- For every interview know the following very well:

> Job description of the position you are applying for
> The success parameters for that position
> The company and
> The interviewer if possible

- audit your own fit for the position.

Before the interview, conduct and audit for yourself.
take your skill set and match it against what you think the position/the company desires its success. if you have a relatively good fit, you will have the answer to the question. if not, you could talk about your awareness of the skill set required and your eagerness to acquire those skills.

- suggest your fit

In the interview, suggest that you fit in well with what the position requires. Rather than talk about your achievements in a vacuum showcase them in the context of the job you are applying for.

so dont say 'I increased the sales at my last job by 100%'
say 'I believe my learning in increasing the sales in the last job will be very effective here, as I understand you are seeking to grow the current product line rather than introduce new ones'

- demonstrate your skill & eagerness

Once you have them hooked with an answer like that, you will be invited to share the 'how' of what you just suggested.
Mention that you have broadly looked at the products of the company and visited a store or two and found that very simple shift in visual merchandizing or setup (or something else, as this is just an example) could work. But of course you are saying this an an outsider and will be in a much better position to suggest and implement detailed plans from the within.

A word of advice here, do not share any insider information or leak and company information from your previous employers. that does not go well.

A Job Interview can be very stressful.
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