The 1 thing YOU should ask the INTERVIEWER

Let me begin by stating, do not ask questions if you are not invited to.

However, most interviewers are now ending the interview with an invitation to ask them something. This serves as a valuable insight into the interviewee.

Questions that are relevant, intelligent and well structured can demonstrate in no uncertain terms, your intelligence, maturity, ambition, drive and research.

On the other hand, letting such an opportunity go by, could be disastrous.
Industry folks talk about how the lack of any questions from the candidate seems to make them revisit the passion and the desire of the candidate to work for the company.

I can’t argue with that. One does not go inquiring about things one is not interested in and hence; the lack of questions can demonstrate a certain disinterest.

So here are the 3 choices you could use.
Ask the interviewer, any 1 if invited to do so:

1. Could you tell me something about the future plans of the company/group?

The question is used to demonstrate your interest in the growth of the company and your desire to be part of something that takes growth seriously.
It also accords the interviewer an opportunity to talk about all the fantastic things that the group will be undertaking.
We like people who make us fell good, this is YOU making them fell good!

IMP. Please do read about the latest news from the company website and other sources.
Do not be caught off-guard by showing surprise at something that was announced just recently by the company.

2. What are your initiatives towards Corporate Social Responsibility?

CSR includes all the activities/initiatives the company undertakes towards the largest stakeholder of them all, Society.
It is a side to the corporate world that people can safely, without any shame gloat about. Humility here, is not a virtue and hence, you will see the Interviewer quite enjoying taking this one on.

3. What are the training and growth opportunities one can expect in this position?

A forward looking individual inspires hope.
Be the forward looking one.
This question is designed to make you look eager to learn and perform.

Just a quick note on some things/questions best avoided:

> How much can I expect my salary to increase every year?
> Why did the last guy leave?
> What do I need to do to get into your chair?
> What are the vacation and other perks that you provide?
> What kind of loans can I avail?
So on and so forth.

So there you are, choose the question wisely.
Do decide on the basis of, who is it that is interviewing you and what position you are appearing for.

A Job Interview can be very stressful.
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