Tell Me Something About Yourself - What to do, How to Answer?

Every interviewer will start with something like this.
Tell me something about yourself, gets all interviewees nervous.

Oddly enough, YOU should be the BEST person to talk about yourself.
A lot us get nervous, not knowing if what we are about to say is what the interviewer wants to hear.
Should you tell the truth or say something that sounds great and professional?

'honest, hardworking and sincere'
How many others said the same thing?

What should you do to handle the most asked question in interviews?

How should you answer, 'Tell me something about yourself"?

Here's a simple simple strategy:

This answer to question should do 3 things:
1. Showcase your communication skills
2. Showcase your individual talents and uniqueness
3. Lets you control the interview

How? Here's how:

1. Showcase your communication skills
Most interviewers want to know where you are on the communication parameters. This question is more like an ice breaker.
letting you speak for a minute or so, displays that.

Here's what you need to do:
> Write the answer down.
> Read it, learn it, emote it and then share it with people.
> Once it sounds natural and not practiced, get a phone and record the whole thing. It should last a little over a minute.
When you review the video, look for emphasis, body language, smile quotient.
> Improve > record > Review> Improve

2. Showcase your individual talents and uniqueness
This is also the time for the interviewer to scan through your resume.
Most of the them are reading and listening at the same time.
That means they are neither doing justice to the reading nor to the listening.

Shock them.
Thats right. Say something that grabs attention.

" I collected 10 Lacs for the old and needy"
" I was only four years old when I played for the cricket team"
" I have acted in over 100 plays in school & college"

Make them look up from the resume.
If you can do that, you have a fighting chance!

3. Lets you control the interview
Most interviewers get bored with all the same questions and answers.
They are more than happy to take a new road if provided.

Your answer to this question will generally generate a new question.
You can control the next question!
That's right.

For e.g.

YOU: "I am a hospitality student, currently on the threshold of joining an industry I am passionate about. Infact I was crazy enough to walk into Taj Palace and ask the Duty Manager if he could spend ten minutes telling me what I can expect from a life of hoteliering"

INTERVIEWER: "Really. What did he say?"

YOU:"Oh, he was very encouraging. Told me not to look at only the glamour part, but not to forget that we ensure people are safe and comfortable. He told me all the fascinating and interesting people he had me over the years"

You see? Lead the interviewer.
Take Charge!!

A Job Interview can be very stressful.
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