Five things to do "Post Interview"

Five things to do just after the interview is over.

1. Thank the interviewer. Thank them for taking out time to meet you, for the opportunity.
"Thank you, Ms/Mr......, for your time and patience. Thank you for this opportunity."

2. Tell them again that you are looking forward to joining them.
"Before I leave, I would like to mention once again, how much I am looking forward to working here/with you/as a part of your team/at this august institution. I believe I can contribute positively. Have a great day ahead!"

3. Say thank you to the co-ordinator or the Secretary.
This is really important. A lot people just walk by. Take the time to thank them, know their name & contact number. She/He might be the one person in the world who will be able to tell you the status of the interview before anyone else.

4. Follow up after a reasonable time.
Please do not call daily. A reasonable time could be a week - ten days or a couple of days after the date/day the interviewer mentioned to you.

5. Even if you do not get the job, stay in touch.
Write a thank you mail/card and keep in touch for any future opportunities.

A Job Interview can be very stressful.
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