Experts Tell You The Question They Always Ask

"What is the one question they always ask in an interview?"

I asked this question to a bunch of experts. I wanted to know what is it that they ask & therefore it could help you prepare for interviews yourself.

Try answering these questions for yourself.

You can use this as 'Exam Guide' with 'Most Likely Questions' kind of KEY! ;-)

> Alltime best question -

What was the most difficult decision you have ever had to make, and what was your thought process to make that decision.

Good follow-up

Was the decision correct? (The only good answer to this question is "YES, based on the information I had at that time, the correct decison was made. If there was more data, then the decision might have been different.")

> What has your past job history like?

> Why are you here?

> What separates you from everyone else we are considering?

> Would you like a cup of coffee?

> Tell me about a time when you faced a challenging work (professional) situation. How did you resolve that issue?

> "In your (job) search, tell me about the sort of (other) positions and companies that you are also considering and what is the criteria by which you are using to compare them to each other?"

> What are your three biggest weaknesses?

> Do you have any questions for me?

> Why are you looking for a new career opportunity?

> Tell me about the most significant contribution you have made in your career.

> What is the one accomplishment that you are most proud of in your career?

> Why would you be willing to leave your present employer?

> What are the top three things you are looking for in your next opportunity?

> What is your definition of a "smart" person?

> How much do you know about us and our competitors . All this to explain on how you can profit us better ?

> Ask about the persons likes and dislikes..

> How do you see yourself fitting into our organization?

> Tell me about a real challenging time that you were faced with & what happened?

> what are the three things you dislike most in your job & why?

> What do you know about us?

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