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Quick Tips

> All updates (called tweets) are not be more than 140 characters
> You can Tweet (update) as much as you want
> Search for people you might know (mail, by name etc) & choose to FOLLOW their updates via the FOLLOW button
> People who choose to FOLLOW you will request permission.  Choose your followers wisely!
> you can send messages to someone in particular by starting the message with  '@username'
> you can mark a topic of interest by adding '#' to it. eg #kasab
> you Twitter on the web, via your phone or via any other application.  go to SETTINGS
> You can download applications that will run on your desktop.  You dont need to go to web everytime you need to Tweet.  Go to APPS at the bottom of the page.

Other Stuff that might be useful:

I use & recommend the following applications/services

Happy Twittering!