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Blogging Platforms - Where to blog

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Where to blog?

here are some blogging platforms

- Blogger
Blogger is a popular and free blogging service owned by Google. Blogger's big draw is ease of use and nearly instant setup. You can go from blog-less to publishing your first post in under 15 minutes thanks to its extremely easy setup process.

- Tumblr
Tumblr is an interesting fusion between a full-fledged blog and a Twitter feed. Known as short-form or micro blogging, the style of blogging on a Tumblr blog is focused on short and frequent posts that are normally longer

- Wordpress
WordPress is a popular open source blogging platform along the lines of the venerable Swiss Army knife.
very popular with bloggers.  As an super structure around it to offer themes, support, ideas, codes etc.

- Posterous
Posterous aims to be an absolutely no-fuss and zero-stress way to blog. You don't need to sign up, you don't need to know any code, you don't need to know how to do anything but send an email to set up your own Posterous blog and start sharing your ideas and media.

- Twitter
Not really a blogging platform.  But you can start something, as long as you keep all your posts (tweets) under 140 characters.

- Facebook
what? facebook as a blogging platform?  yes.  try out the notes application, create a fan page and there, a blogging platform within your social circle

- linkedin
prabhjot, you must be kidding!  how can I blog with linkedin?
you can create discussions in groups, you can post your updates, you can follow people, comment and people can follow you!

- Hubpages
blogging without the hassles of building a community, marketing it or trying to get your SEO right.
If you are starting out, this is the place to start.
see this wonderful article