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Blogging basics- Why you need to understand SEO

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Blogging basics- Why you need to understand SEO
Blogging basics- Why you need to understand SEO

The basic SEO mechanism is essential for more than page ranking- it’s effectively a universal tool, selling everything from LCD TVs and management services, travel blogs and craft shop products. SEO is one of the fundamental elements of modern business. For blogs, it’s also the primary method of attracting an audience and getting your messages across.

SEO concepts

Modern SEO is based on page ranking, not keyword-spamming of sites and meta-tagging. Page ranking is a quality control, used to filter out abusers of search terms and indexing. Content plays a large role in this process, and is used as a guide to relevance, which is the primary process of search engine ranking. Algorithms are used to decide which sites are most relevant to any given search. A range of inbound links is used to determine relevance, and naturally provides a working value system for getting best results.

SEO issues and abuses
Many people attempt to manipulate search results with things like link farms and link sculpting. Search engines, businesses and consumers are very much on the same page on this subject. The fact remains that it’s not in the interests of users to tolerate abuses of SEO, which is supposed to deliver useful results.

The mythology of SEO abuse needs to be understood. The theory is that the algorithms can be manipulated by bulk of links and keywords. In practice, that’s a self-defeating task. This type of usage is exactly what search engine creators routinely eliminate with new SEO technology and protocols. Loading a blog with these things soon becomes a negative factor.

SEO and blog targeting
The only really useful form of SEO targeting is to concentrate on your market. Relevance is always valuable, and your blog and links, if sufficiently relevant, will naturally and organically improve your search engine ranking effortlessly.

More importantly, these links provide a particularly effective network of links to your blog for interested people. The “random search” element is largely eliminated. Your blog becomes part of an extended net of relevant links.

It’s well worth looking hard at your links. Good value links are those which naturally fit both your market demographic and fundamental interest groups.
For example, if your blog is a tech blog, and your article is about  a Plasma TV, there are logical extensions:
  • Brands
  • Technology reviews
  • Specifications and electronics
  • Consumer market materials
  • Primary market placement sites

To give some idea how much more effective this approach is, these links alone would provide a far better ranking than endlessly repeating the search term Plasma TV. The links are across a truly broad set of relevant search parameters, and the average searcher, looking for information about a Plasma TV, wants a good one stop shop link to work with and get all the information easily.
This is purely practical logic. Your blog will benefit from high quality links, and so will your business. Take the time to study SEO ideas and analyse effective SEO strategies, and your blog will operate successfully and effortlessly. 

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