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How To Get The Behaviour You Want

it finally struck me.

i have a dear cousin who is always cracking jokes.  of course he does have a good sense of humor, but it is also true that every time we all sit together he will try to ensure that he makes everyone laugh. his jokes dont always induce the laughter, but i cannot help but smile at how he tries so hard to live up to the reputation.

and there in lie the secrets.

1. tell people what you expect of them

my family will always tell him ‘whenever you come, I know I will laugh a little.  get some relief from the hum-drum of the day’

2. tell them what you like about them

i really like you sense of humour.  how the hell do you do it? everytime, on anything you can create something.

3. praise them in public

isnt he great? thank god that someone in this family can laugh and make others laugh too

4. find something good they have done, acknowledge it in public as a-work-of-quality and then hold them to the standard they set themselves

remember the time when so-and-so broke her leg.  he came in, made everyone laugh and suddenly not just her, but everyone was feeling better

5. encourage them to fulfill the role

sometimes when the poor soul is himself under the water they will tell him ‘what happened? you cannot be like this. we cannot see you like this.  you are the one makes everyone laugh. come on, tell us something funny, you will feel better.